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Hello sissies, sluts, maschochists, servants, submissives and fetishists. If you've gotten this far, you know you are already harboring the desire to serve me. I am always looking for new playthings, and there are a variety of ways you can serve and submit to me. Read carefully, and email me with your likes, limits and the types of use at which you might excel. As I am a busy goddess, I value care and attention to detail, and hate to repeat myself unneccessarily. I reserve the right to ignore in the order received any inquiries regarding topics I have covered on the various pages of this website, or that show a lack of appropriate manners and protocol.


Present yourself to me in the way I most enjoy. I want to see you on the floor where you belong. bask in my presence and give control over to me. 

How To:
-Contact me with your name, location, training and availability.
-If I approve your application you will be instructed how to Leave a deposit (transferable with 48 hour notice) and an appointment will be scheduled.
-You will Present yourself to me at the designated studio to be trained and shaped.

Distance training


For those of you not lucky enough to be local, I also have limited availability for distance training. I will require a detailed introduction before agreeing to take you on.


Once we have discussed interests and have determined compatibility, I will schedule the training you need at a mutually feasible time. I will require appropriate tribute to teach you the lessons you desperately need to learn, and excuses will not be tolerated.



Other Service Opportunities


I already have a well trained stable that handles the majority of my needed service tasks (driving, housecleaning, web site maintenence, etc) but I do make exceptions for the exceptional in regard to spoiling and pampering me. Perhaps a shopping trip for the finest fetishwear I favor, or a stroll down 5th Avenue for another pair of wicked heels to show off the pedicure you have ever so thoughtfully scheduled beforehand.


You will suffer and save for my luxuries, and thank me for it.


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